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How to communite with TourneyBot using different FIBS clients?

The purpose of this page is to explain how to send commands to TourneyBot using different FIBS clients. This is a work-in-progress project and I am looking for help with it. If you would like to contribute to it, please read this.

How to communicate with TourneyBot using:


There are two ways to begin a chat with TourneyBot, so that you can send commands to it.

The first way is to open your terminal window and send a tell command to TourneyBot. If you terminal window isn't open, press command-5. then type tell TourneyBot <command> (for example if you want information about Tourney #336, open the terminal window and type tell TourneyBot tourney 336).

After you have a chat window open, you can enter commands directly to TourneyBot, without typing in 'tell tourneybot' first.

The second and perhaps a more convenient way is to open your players window and find TourneyBot on the list of players. To open your players window, press command-1. If you don't find TourneyBot listed in the list of players, it's possible your player list may need to be updated. you can do this by choosing the 'refresh player list' option in the 'players' menu or by using the keyboard shortcut command-e.

Once you locate TourneyBot you can either:

If you still are unable to locate TourneyBot in the list of players, it's possible TourneyBot is offline due to program upgrading or technical difficulties or that FIBS is sending incomplete player tables again. To check that TourneyBot is on FIBS, go to your terminal window (pressing command-5 to open the window or bring it to the front) and type whois TourneyBot (note the proper capitalization of the name). This will tell you if TourneyBot is logged in. If it says it is online, then type rawwho TourneyBot in the terminal window. This will put TourneyBot onto your player list correctly.

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Written by jinnate, edited by MadMatt.

Last updated: 16. Apr 2004